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What's Eco Friendly?

The applied products of EcoPro, MicrobeRepel™ and ExteriorShield™, are water-based and contain no VOCs, no CFCs, no ODCs, no HAPs, no solvents and are non-flammable.

Volatile organic compounds (VOC): are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. VOCs include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short and long-term adverse health effects. Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC): an organic compound that contains carbon, chlorine, and fluorine, produced as a volatile derivative of methane and ethane.

Ozone-depleting Chemical (ODC): The EPA estimates that there could be an additional 200,000 deaths from skin cancer in the United States over the next 50 years due to the increase in ozone depletion.

Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP): also known as toxic air pollutants or air toxics, are those pollutants that cause or may cause cancer or other serious health effects, such as reproductive effects or birth defects, or adverse environmental and ecological effects.


The Science

Our environmentally friendly nanotechnology MicrobeRepel™ system is both a disinfectant treatment coupled with a permanent protection of the treated surfaces. This type of revolutionary system is formulated to kill and protect along with providing stain and odor resistance.

  • Dramatically reduces the growth of germs on surfaces
  • Stains clean up easier
  • Eliminated odors

The Technology

The active ingredient in MicrobeRepel™ system forms a colorless, odorless, positively charged polymer which covalently bonds to the treated surface. You can think of it as a layer of electrically charged swords. When a microbe comes in contact with the treated surfaces, the quaternary amine sword punctures the cell membrane and the electrical charge shocks the cell.

Since nothing is lost in transfer to the now dead microbe, the antimicrobial does not lose strength and the MicrobeRepel system is ready for the next microbe cell to contact it. Normal cleaning of treated surfaces is all that is needed to keep it active.

What makes our product green?

  • MicrobeRepel™ is a "Hyper-Green" solution because it is permanently bonded to the surface and therefore never enters the environment.
  • MicrobeRepel™ is essentially a modified sand molecule with a silane bonding agent. It is as harmless to the environment as sand
  • It is not solvent based.
  • It does not Vent Off-Gasses.
  • It contains no VOCs.
  • It contains no CFCs.
  • It contains no ODCs.

How is MicrobeRepel™ different?

  • Its highly durable, permanent bond characteristics, eliminates the need for reapplication.
  • It uses no poisons. It's mode of antimicrobial defense is "physical" disruption of cell wall integrity coupled with a positively charged Nano-particle (Nitrogen) which "electrocutes" harmful microbes on contact.
  • It is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-hazardous.
  • It is Safe for adults, children and pets

What are the features and benefits?

  • 99.99% effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including strep, influenza, e.coli, salmonella, H1N1, MRSA and NOROVIRUS.
  • Destroys microorganisms by attacking and physically piercing (disrupting) the cell membrane.
  • Mechanical action eliminates the need for poisons.
  • Helps control mold, mildew and allergens.
  • Remains permanently affixed to the surface, providing unsurpassed durability.
  • Bonds to virtually all materials and surfaces both painted and unpainted.
  • Does not rub-off or migrate onto the skin or into the environment.
  • Unlike common leaching materials, does not setup an environment that encourages the development of resistive organisms ("super bugs").
  • On-going laboratory and field support.
  • Accepted, registered and used worldwide.
  • Extremely cost effective compared to other temporary solutions.
  • Safe Proven Technology
  • Prevents stains from setting into surfaces making clean up much easier
  • Proven effective at reducing odors in over thirty years of product and building applications.

Exterior Shield

Powerful Product, Environmentally Safe!

  • Applied to all exterior surfaces (excluding tires) EcoCarPro only
  • Increases exterior surface protection & reduces damage from environmental hazards
  • Superior resistance from damage caused by oxidation, hard water etching, chrome water spotting, insects (including Love Bugs), bird drops, tree sap, accidental paint overspray, road de-icing agents, road salt, acid rain, industrial fallout, and weather induced fading
  • Additional product protection available for windshield chips, alloy wheel cosmetic damage, minor surface abrasion (does not include paint chips or scratches) and headlight fading EcoCarPro only
  • Heat tested to over 500 degrees F
    ( many exterior protection products emulsify below 200 degrees F )

Certified Clean

EcoPro™ addresses the consumers' growing concerns about microbes and germs with MicrobeRepel™. and their desire for hassle-free appearance protection with ExteriorShield™. Both revolutionary products are eco-friendly with powerful performance benefits lasting the duration of the 5 year limited warranty.

Certified Clean raises the standards for new and pre-owned vehicles. A vehicle with the Certified Clean Seal displayed in the window will help give your customer the confidence they are purchasing a "Clean" vehicle. A vehicle ready to withstand the harmful exterior appearance effects of the environment and the interior exposure to microbes, germs and stains. Your customers will breathe easier knowing the interior cabin (where we track the world in with us), the cargo area (where dirty sports gear and fresh groceries occupy the same space) and the ventilation system are protected from common threats like mold/mildew and increasing threats like MRSA and the Flu.

Certified Clean will also help differentiate your dealer from the competition by enhancing the definition of a Certified Pre-Owned. The best way to describe a CPO vehicle is one that needs very little reconditioning or was reconditioned to original factory specifications. However, current CPO initiatives do not remove the germs and microbes left from the previous owner, even if the vehicle was detailed. A CPO with the Certified Clean Seal truly helps restore "Clean".

A pre-owned RV can be restored to Certified Clean, with MicrobeRepel™, eliminating the microbes (including mold and mildew) that cause odors and stains; and removing the germs that cause bacteria and viruses left by the previous owners.